To start, Andy Cook’s bio is difficult to write, but only for the reasons his story would make a great novel. Fortunately, there’s no need to wait for that novel, Andy Cook has had the good sense to memorize all these elements of his strange life and present it here, in his latest album “All Turns Blue”. It’s important not to give too much away; you’ll have to listen to know the whole story. A pop-y, yet soulful, rock and roll ensemble with an unarguably independent vibe— When this album comes on your car radio, these songs are the kind which make you reach for the volume dial, not the button for station change. With this in mind, there are only a few details which this album leaves out and this bio must attempt to capture.

First it should be known that Andy Cook has always expressed and remembered his life through music. His first guitar lessons were learned from a Blues and Folk musician from his hometown, Oberlin, OH and after arming himself with this outlet for memory, Andy Cook then discovered the drive to start his musical career early with the creation of his first band, Johnny Psycho, a project which met with quite a bit more success than a typical high school group and gave Andy a taste for bigger things. After graduation, Andy caught that old “west-ward” wandering bug and moved with his new group, Ghost Town Trio, to Los Angeles, C.A. Once in L.A, Andy decided to broaden his musical abilities by studying audio engineering at the S.A.E Institute. L.A proved to be a good town for Andy, Ghost Town Trio earned the title “Best Rock and Roll Band” from the Los Angeles Times in 2006. He got the chance to see everything he’d just learned in school come to life while working with engineer and producer, Beau Fletcher (Devendra Banhart, A.F.I) on a few of their recordings.

California, however, did not prove to be the end of Andy Cook’s traveling. His tours with Ghost Town Trio eventually lead him back home to Ohio where he recognized both his affection for wandering coupled with a need to found a group which could explore sound-lands outside of his familiar rock and roll playground. So was born “Andy Cook and the Wanderloons”. To ensure his band would always be in pursuit of ever-changing sounds, Andy founded his group on the idea that the musicians would also be ever-changing. With this freedom, Andy was able to self-produce his first album “Sing Dionysus” in 2010 and launch into several years of regional and nation-wide tours. When home, Andy continued to hone his recording skills through working relationships with producers Mike Seifert (Nicholas Megalis, Bone-Thugs-In-Harmony) and Eric Cronstein (Saintseneca, The Sidekicks).

Currently, Andy Cook resides in Columbus Ohio where he has been creating and maintaining a work space for his projects in a warehouse dubbed “The Final Frontier”. Here, and at Eric Constein’s studio “The Tone Shoppe”, Andy has crafted the recordings for “All Turns Blue”, as well as prepared several multimedia art pieces to supplement the album. For everything that happens next, you’ll just have to watch and listen.